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This herb can boost your memory20 February, 2018

We all forget things sometimes. And while it is rather common, it can still be quite frustrating. However, by keeping...

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How to make your own delicious herb butter 9 August, 2018

Homemade herb butter is both easy to make and a certain hit with your guests. And then it suits almost...

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How to make your own herb tea 10 August, 2018

Tea brewed on fresh herbs contains lots of vitamins and antioxidants, and is thus an easy way to nurture your...

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Danish quality since 1958

Legro represents a healthy and pure product with a long lifetime. Our herbs meet the highest quality standards and are always in healthy growth when sold.

Senmatic climate and fertilizer systems

The new climate and fertilizer system means that we are now able to save further on energy and fertilizer as well as now can work on green sustainable energy at a completely different level than before. In addition, there will be more opportunities to manage our ecological houses.

Denmark and Europe invest in the rural districts.

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