3 creamy risotto recipes with fresh herbs for the fall

As we transition into fall, barbecue nights and light summer salads in the garden are coming to an end. Risotto is a nice, warming fall dish that is overlooked by many. It is quite simple to cook, and it can be made in so many variations once you know the basics.

In this post, we give you 3 recipes for delicious, creamy risottos for the cooler months.

With or without meat – find your favourite

When it comes to meat, herbs and vegetables, anything goes with a risotto. From fish and shellfish to chicken and serrano ham, they are all excellent fits for a risotto, and herbs such as parsley, thyme and basil are found in many popular recipes.

However, you can also go the meatless way and add in extra vegetables instead, such as peas, green beans, leeks or mushrooms. Just like the meat, these should be fried separately (make sure to chop them nicely) and stirred into the risotto by the end before serving.

Our 3 favourite recipes

Risotto comes in many variations. Below, you can find 3 of our favourites. The procedure is listed in each of the recipes when you follow the link, and you can always try switching out the herbs or vegetables for your favourites as you like. (Note: recipes are in Danish)

Risotto with tiger prawns, mussels, salmon and parmesan https://www.opskrifter.dk/opskrift/100137-risotto-med-tigerrejer-muslinger-laks-og-parmesan

A tasty risotto with fresh parsley and seafood.

Risotto with mushrooms and parmesan : https://www.opskrifter.dk/opskrift/101438-risotto-med-svampe-og-parmesan

A creamy risotto with lots of mushrooms, fresh thyme and grated parmesan.

Risotto with carrots :https://www.opskrifter.dk/opskrift/101179-risotto-med-gulerødder

A pretty and colourful risotto full of taste and fresh parsley.


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