3 tasty fish recipes with fresh herbs

There are plenty of reasons to eat fish, as they are healthy and contains beneficial fish oils and vitamins. If you eat the recommended weekly 350g of fish, you also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and hypertension.

In a similar way, herbs are also great sources of natural vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and have a number of medical and preventive properties. : https://www.legro.dk/en/5-miracle-cures-with-fresh-herbs/ That is why, in many ways, fish and herbs are a great match – and their tastes complement each other amazingly well!

Below, we serve you some of the best fish recipes with fresh herbs.

Baked salmon with herbs

Baked salmon is a classic and tasty way to put fish on the menu. Give the salmon an extra touch by marinating it in garlic, lemon and fresh herbs before baking it with sautéed vegetables.

Find the recipe here. : https://www.opskrifter.dk/opskrift/101602-ovnbagt-laks-med-urter

Protein-rich fish cakes with fresh herbs

Fish cakes can be made in many ways and adding a handful of fresh herbs is definitely one of the better.

You can add any herbs you would like, so feel free to experiment.

Find the recipe here: https://www.opskrifter.dk/opskrift/107312-fiskefrikadeller-med-torsk-og-urter

Herby cod salad with sour cream

Tired of fish filet and fish cakes? Try a different, light fish dish and make a herby cod salad with sour cream and fresh herbs. Serve it on a slice of toasted bread with fresh dill and chives at your next family lunch.

Find the recipe here. : https://www.opskrifter.dk/opskrift/101423-torsk-rørt-med-creme-fraiche-og-urter

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