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11 June, 2017

5 miracle cures with fresh herbs

Fresh herbs are good for more than culinary adventures. Through time, herbs have been widely used as remedies to treat all kinds of diseases, as many spices and herbs are a great natural source for antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin C and magnesium. A daily dose of fresh herbs will not only strengthen your immune system and health in general, but can also help you through rough times with cough and cold. In this post, we give you five healing miracle cures with fresh herbs to try out at home.


1. Fight bad breath with herbs

Bad breath is quite a common issue. In fact, not that many smell like flowers and perfume in the morning. Luckily, there are plenty of advice to be found on the subject. But why resort to artificial prescription medication when so many healthy and all natural cures exist? For instance, a warm cup of herbal tea with mint and lemon balm is an easy and efficient way to treat bad breath. Alternatively, try chewing a few eucalyptus leaves, or drink water with eucalyptus oil. A fresh and natural mouthwash to kick off your day.

2. Boost your memory with rosemary

Feeling forgetful? Rosemary may be the answer. Research has shown that the oils and aroma of the plant has a positive effect on the brain that may help boost the memory. And luckily, rosemary also tastes great in food and tea, and adds a wonderful aroma to the kitchen.

Read more about studies on the relation between rosemary and the brain here

3. Fight sweat with sage

Sage is believed to have an antiperspirant effect on the body. So if your deodorant happens to fail, try a cup of sage tea. Simply pour boiling water on two tablespoons of finely chopped sage leaves and remove the leaves after ten minutes. Supposedly, sage also helps against cramps and stimulates the appetite, so try drinking a cup of sage tea in between meals.

4. A fast track to healthier and darker hair

Having beautiful and healthy hair is both a matter of health and well-being. And in this regard, fresh herbs can also offer you a boost of confidence. In fact, herbs like sage and rosemary can do wonders for your hair. Sage can add volume, prevent dandruff and help make dark hair even darker. Similarly, rosemary offers a boost of shine, stimulates hair growth and strengthens the roots. Try mixing four tablespoons of rosemary with half a litre of boiling water. Let it cool off and apply it to your hair, for instance with a spray bottle. After a few days’ use, you will start noticing the difference.

5. Relax with lemon balm

Do you have trouble sleeping? Many herbs have a calming effect on the body and works well against infections and pains. Lemon balm is no exception. For centuries, the herb has been known for its ability to promote better sleep. Also, lemon balm has been prescribed against anxiety and stress, as the essential oils of the herb has been documented to have a soothing effect on the body.


So leave your prescription medication on the shelf and go natural – your body will thank you!

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