Easy everyday recipes with fresh herbs

Sometimes, a simple and easy meal is just what we need. Below, you will find a selection of easy yet delicious dishes for a busy everyday life. As a bonus, they will help you make use of whatever leftover herbs you may have in your kitchen. 

Protein-rich scrambled eggs with smokes salmon and fresh chives

Scrambled eggs are not exclusively a breakfast or brunch thing. Add in some smokes salmon and top it off with fresh chives for an easy and healthy everyday dinner. 

Find the recipe here.

Stir-fried chicken with basil

Don’t let the seemingly long list of ingredients (most of which you probably already keep in your kitchen) put you off. This easy wok dish with chicken and vegetables is easy to adapt accordingly to the size of your family for a healthy and easy meal. 

Find the recipe here.

Fresh pasta with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and herbs

En quality fresh pasta needs next to no other ingredients to form a delicious meal. Keep it simple with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and fresh parsley and mint, and dinner will be served within 15 minutes. Easy as that. 

Find the recipe here. 

Tortilla with potatoes and chives

Fancy a meat-free dinner today? Try a different kind of tortilla with potatoes topped with fresh chives. Easy and light for quick, protein-rich everyday meal.

Find the recipe here.


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