Fight the winter cold with a homemade herbal tea

To many, autumn and winter basically equals cold, cough and dullness. The transition from late summer to autumn and winter is typically rather sudden, and even though we wrap up in winter coats, scarfs and gloves, the long winter can be tough to get through without catching a cold.

Luckily, there are lots of natural remedies that can help you soothe the symptoms and fight the cold. A herbal tea is one of them.

Boost your health with a soothing herbal tea

Tea offers warmth on cold winter days and has a soothing, relaxing effect on the body. With a herbal tea, you also benefit from the medical properties of the herbs that may in fact help to relieve the cold.

Many different herbs can be used to fight a cold. Some of the most popular ones are:

Lemon balm

Lemon balm (and lemon in general) can be used effectively at the first signs of fever, cold or flu to limit the symptoms and speed up the healing process.


Sage has an antiseptic effect and is great for treating sore throats and cough. (Avoid sage during pregnancy or breast feeding.)


Thyme has an antibacterial effect and is also an efficient herb to soothe your throat and cough.

How you do it

Poor boiling water over a handful of herbs in a cup, and remove the herbs after 20 minutes. You can also use a French press or a filter etc.

Feel free to add in some fresh ginger too. Ginger has a cleansing effect on the body, giving the tea an extra boost. If the tea is too bitter for your taste, sweeten it with a spoonful honey (also a great tip for children).

Not a fan of tea? Try a steam bath!

If you are not a fan of tea, try a foot bath or steam bath and add in some lemon balm or thyme. Inhaling the aromatic oils and scents has a soothing effect that opens up the nasal or lung passageway. A great way to fight cough or sinus infections.

Does it really work?

To put it simply: yes. It works. Herbs have been praised for their medical and healing properties for centuries, and multiple modern studies have confirmed many of the traditional theories.

If you happen to catch a cold or flu, give it a try. Also, remember to stay warm and allow the body to rest, as this will help speed up the healing process.

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