Herb butter with fresh herbs
9 August, 2018

How to make your own delicious herb butter 

Homemade herb butter is both easy to make and a certain hit with your guests. And then it suits almost any occasion – from steaks to summer potatoes and freshly baked bread.

Of course, a variety of different recipes and combinations exist. However, you should always consider what the butter is going to be used for. If you plan to serve it with fish or shellfish, for instance, an herb butter with dill or watercress is a perfect match. 

Below, we give you our fresh favourites. 

Green herb butter with basil, sage and parsley

This herb butter is filled with herbs and taste! Try it on a delicious slice of bread or with a grilled steak.  

What you need: 

  • Butter 
  • A big handful of basil, sage and parsley
  • A hint of red chili
  • Garlic  


Herb butter with a hint of béarnaise  

Combine tarragon and white wine vinegar with butter for a tasty béarnaise-like herb butter. Perfect for bread, baked potatoes or meat. Taste underway and be careful not to add too much white wine vinegar.

What you need: 

  • Butter 
  • A bundle of fresh tarragon 
  • A hint of white wine vinegar 


Fresh herb butter with mint and lemon 

A fresh, summery butter with mint and lemon that will take your steak to the next level.

What you need: 

  • Butter 
  • A handful of fresh mint leaves 
  • Lemon juice and a bit of fresh organic lemon zest 


Here is how you do it 

The procedure is simple. Start out by washing the herbs and chop them up nicely. Find a bowl and mix the butter with the herbs and any other ingredients. Taste with salt and stir until smooth. Finally, put it in the fridge and let it cool off until serving.  

But why settle with one? 

If you are having trouble deciding, try making a selection of different herb butters – something for every taste! Herb butters can easily be stored for a week, but if you are having trouble finishing it, you can always freeze it for another occasion. Enjoy! 

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