Extra green barbecue nights
18 May, 2018

Make this summer’s barbecue nights extra green with these simple tips

Summer meals are allowed to be simple. It is all about the cosy barbecue setting, getting together around the meal and celebrating the arrival of summer. However, since the grill is out, you might as well make it a flavourful and visual experience as well.

In this post, we bring you a few simple tips to spice up your summer mood and barbecue meals using the very best of Mother Nature.

A hint of summer

Fresh herbs are an excellent way to add flavour, scent and a visual touch to your barbecue nights. However, many herbs are often pungent and intense and can be hard to apply when barbecuing. But once you figure out how, they are quite amazing! They make a meal feel more fresh, lighter and tastier.

The art of marinating

A good steak requires a good marinade. Try a delicious summer marinade with a good olive oil mixed with freshly chopped herbs and perhaps a squeeze of lemon juice. After the blend has absorbed the oil, marinate your meat. Now, the trick is to cook it slowly using indirect heat. This will allow the flavours of the protein and herbs to work together over time. The result will be well worth the wait.

Alternatively, you can wait and use the herbs as topping together with olive oil once the meat has been grilled. The fresh herbs suit any kind of steak – from rib eye to tenderloin – and also work wonders in dressings and salads.

But which herbs to use then?

Try these herbs when barbecuing

Basil, rosemary and mint are classic summer favourites. But try to challenge yourself and explore new herbs that you do not normally use.

For instance, tarragon is both fresh and leafy and works great with chicken, fish or in the summer salad. In the same way, oregano is also a great match when barbecuing – and not just the regular oregano spice. Instead, enjoy the spicy, yet sweet flavour of fresh oregano. The great taste and aroma make it perfect for marinades and chicken in particular.

In doubt or want to combine several herbs? Read our guide to basic herb tastes and combinations and learn more.

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