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With its powerful menthol taste, mint is great for desserts, in tea or as a mint gel for lamb dishes. Mint also adds a fresh flavour to ground beef and in the aquavit.

And then of course, mint is an essential ingredient to the classic cocktail mojito.

Recipes with mint

Mint should be used with care as it has a strong taste of menthol. It adds an excellent flavour to desserts like ice cream, preserved fruit, fruit salad, tea, jelly and mint sauce.

Try adding freshly chopped mint leaves to cottage or cream cheese.
It also tastes good in minced meat and in Danish “snaps”. The leaves can be candied.


Mint comes in many different varieties. It originates from Africa.

Usage in the old days

Mint was used as a remedy against almost all illnesses, from headaches to diseases such as epilepsy and diseases of the spleen. One of the most useful household remedies is probably to drink mint tea for fresh breath.

Chemists make mint jelly, syrup and distilled water, as well as oil extracts against stomachaches.

Medical use

Mint oil is good to relief colds as it causes perspiration. Mint tea is supposed to counteract headaches and increase concentration.

Mint has a calming effect if you feel melancholic.
Add lemon balm to mint tea to enhance the flavour.

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