Environment and energy awareness

Shaping a sustainable future

Sustainable technology benefits both the climate and the environment. And then it is key to creating the best life conditions for our planet in the future.

Sparking the energy awareness

With a clear ambition to become the country’s first CO2-neutral horticulture business, we have invested heavily in recycling and eco-friendly technology, such as biogas and wind energy. In fact, 87 % of all our waste is recycled in one way or another.

Wash and fertilized water is collected in a closed system for purification and recycling. This has helped us decrease our total water consumption significantly. And that is only the beginning.

At Legro, we use no pesticides. Instead, we turn to Mother Nature herself to fight pests biologically.

Our packaging is made from sustainable materials with care for the environment. At the same time, they are conveniently designed to minimise waste both at our place, in the store and at home for the end user.

Legro – a green choice

At Legro, we consider hygiene a matter of trust. We have not had a single product withdrawal ever in the history of our company dating back to 1958.

The result is a clean and healthy product with a long lifetime – filled with flavour. Our herbs meet the highest quality standards. Legro offers one of the market’s most diverse assortments of seasonal herbs and greens. All customised to the individual needs of our customers.

We are quite proud of our products. And we hope that you too will be proud to serve them.

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