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20 February, 2018

This herb can boost your memory

We all forget things sometimes. And while it is rather common, it can still be quite frustrating. However, by keeping fresh herbs in your home you can actually do something yourself to improve your memory. Studies conducted at Northumbria University have indicated that the aroma of the rosemary herb can boost your memory significantly. And the results of studies have been overwhelming.

Rosemary improves the memory

In the study, 40 volunteers were divided into two groups before testing their memory in terms of speed and accuracy. The first group worked in a room filled with aroma from rosemary oil, while the other group was not exposed to any scents. The participants were told that they were testing a new vitamin water.

A subsequent memory test revealed that the first group scored up to 75 % better in the test and even finished the test faster. The reason for this can be found in the chemical properties of the plant.

Fragrance affects the brain

Rosemary contains a substance called 1,8-cineole. Once we smell the rosemary plant, the substance enters the bloodstream through the nose or lungs and proceed to the brain. And according to the studies, the scent of rosemary may improve both the speed and accuracy when we think. The studies built on previous analyses showing that rosemary oil also sharpens our awareness and boosts our long-term memory.

Old knowledge in new bottle?

However, rosemary affecting our memory is not exactly a new discovery. For centuries, the herb has been connected to memory and healing properties. Take the old Greece for instance. Here, men would carry rosemary to improve their memory leading up to an exam. And since then, the link between the fragrant herb and the human memory has been the subject of numerous surveys. This all hints that the studies from Northumbria University may in fact prove some truth to the beliefs of the ancient Greeks.

So if you want to be better at remembering anniversaries and events, or simply just want to give your memory a boost, rosemary may be the answer. And then it is all natural.

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