Vegan salads with fresh herbs

Everywhere we go, the vegan alternatives can be found. And whether you are fully committed to the vegan lifestyle or merely curious with the vegan kitchen, there are lots of fantastic food experiences and exciting recipes waiting to be discovered.

In this post, you can find inspiration for vegan versions of typical light salads with a green twist.

The addition of fresh herbs elevates these familiar classics to new, tasty heights, while also being rich in vitamins and antioxidants that benefit the body and contributes to a healthy and natural lifestyle.

The best vegan salads

There are many ways to make a potato salad, and it takes little effort to make the ones from the supermarket pale in comparison. This tasty and vitamin-rich herbal potato salad: https://www.opskrifter.dk/opskrift/100972-urtekartoffelsalat is an easy and delicious side dish for casual everyday nights.

Also, make sure to try this recipe for tabouleh with quinoa : https://www.opskrifter.dk/opskrift/110408-tabbouleh-med-quinoa – a delicious and light summer salad with a fresh hint of mint.

If you are a pasta lover, then do not miss this fresh pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and herbs : https://www.opskrifter.dk/opskrift/890-frisk-pasta-med-cherrytomater-gedeost-og-urter

Add a little extra crunch to your salad by topping it with homemade herb croutons with garlic and parmesan: https://www.opskrifter.dk/opskrift/858-croutoner-med-urter-hvidløg-og-parmesan


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