Wellness and beauty care with fresh herbs

Fresh herbs are a nice addition to your home spa and wellness activities. With their anti-inflammatory, healing and nourishing properties, herbs are great for your skin, hair and body. And unlike many industrial cosmetics, they are entirely free from preservatives and chemistry. All natural. 

The herbs you should try

Ideal for face cleansing and to rejuvenate the skin, basil is one of the very best when it comes to wellness and beauty care. The herb will also help against scalp irritation and dandruff. Make yourself a water-based infusion with fresh basil and use it in facials or a hair rinse.

Lemon Balm
With its astringent properties, lemon balm works wonders against oily hair and skin. Like with basil, you can mix the fresh leaves with hot water for a refreshing facial or hair rinse.

Mint leaves add a cool, refreshing feel to home spa activities. Mix the fresh mint leaves with oils or water and let them infuse your facial toners, scrubs, masks or hair rinses. 

Sage holds strong astringent properties. If you are brown or dark haired, sage can be used to intensify the look and make the hair slightly darker. Go for a sage-infused oil and apply it as a hair rinse. 

Thyme is quite handy for hair rinses and tonics as well thanks to the herb’s ability to alleviate oily skin and scalp. You can also use thyme-infused water to treat acne.

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